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Glans Penis Enlargement

Glans penis enlargement is an important component of phalloplasty surgery to help maintain symmetry following girth enlargement surgery. Our recommended technique for glans penis enlargement uses injectable hyaluronic acid (HA) gel.

In 2003, the procedure was initially reported by Dr. Kim et al from Korea who concluded that “injectable hyaluronic acid gel is a safe and effective material for augmentation of the glans penis.” In a subsequent study, they concluded that “glanular augmentation with HA gel…. is a promising treatment for hypersensitivity of the glans penis in premature ejaculation patients.” In 2008, a 5 year follow-up study confirmed its continued safety and efficacy.

In 2005, we were the first clinic in the United States to perform this procedure using Restylane HA gel.  We currently are using Juvederm HA gel which reportedly has a smoother consistency.
The procedure is takes about 1 hour and is often performed together with penile lengthening and/or widening. The injection is done using a small 30 gauge needle. The typical gain is about 20% in circumference. The results have been observed to last up to 2 years.


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