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Penis Curvature Correction

Downward Curvature
Upward Curvature
Lateral Curvature

Penile curvature is a common condition that can be either congenital or acquired. It can occur anywhere along the penile shaft and in any direction. Congenital penile curvature can be downward (congenital chordee) and is caused by scar tissue on the underside of the penile shaft or can be lateral (left or right) which is caused by a disparity in the lengths of the erectile bodies with the penis curving toward the shorter side.

Acquired penile curvature is caused by a condition called Peyronies disease which results in a plaque of scar tissue that forms on the outer lining of the erectile bodies. During erection, the scar tissue limits expansion of the erectile bodies which can cause indentation or curvature.

Penile curvature, congenital or acquired, can be corrected surgically. We prefer the modified Nesbitt plication procedure because of its relative simplicity and safety. This procedure is performed by placement of plication suture on the penile shaft on the side opposite to the curvature. Because this procedure may result in some penile shortening, we often perform curvature correction together with penis lengthening. In addition, penile widening with Belladerm grafts may be performed which can cover the plication sutures so that they are not felt beneath the penile skin.




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