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Testicular Implants

Several studies have documented the negative psychological effect as a result of the loss or absence of a testicle. There are a number of indications for testicular implants including undescended testicle, torsion of the testicle, testicular trauma, testicular cancer, or replacement for an abnormally small testicle. Testicular implants are strictly for cosmetic purposes only as it does not function like a natural testicle.

There are currently two types of testicular implants that are available in the US.

  1. Coloplast (formerly Mentor) Saline-filled Testicular Prosthesis.
    The Coloplast Saline-filled Testicular Implant has received approval by the FDA for implantation as a testicular prosthesis. The implant is made of a molded silicone elastomer shell that is filled with saline at the time of implantation.

  2. Sientra (formerly Silimed) Solid Silicone Oval Carving Block Implant.
    The Sienetra Solid Silicone Oval Carving Block Implant is a commonly used device in the US for testicular implants although it is not specifically approved by the FDA as a testicular prosthesis.

Testicular implant surgery is performed as a outpatient procedure and typically takes less than 1 hour.




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