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Procedure: Penis Lengthening & Widening
Patient: RM

After four weeks… I was a brand new man-with an extra inch and a half in length and two in circumference. Sexually, she loved it-particularly the thickening. I don’t know if I feel more confident, outside the sexual arena, but I do know I don’t think about my penis so much anymore…and that’s a relief.

Procedure: Penis Lengthening, Girth & Glanular Enhancement
Patient: CB

I have had lengthening surgery, girth enlargement, and most recently glanular enlargement… I have gained 1 5/8" in erect length and 2.5" in circumference.

In July of this year, I had Doctor Rosenthal perform glanular enlargement. I was given a local anesthesia and he administered 4, .7cc injections of Captique around the head. I am thrilled with the results and am recommending this procedure.

Procedure: Penis Lengthening & Widening with BellaDerm®
Patient: TG

I have had two surgical procedures, the first was lengthening and the second being widening via the BellaDerm® procedure. I was not a small man to begin with -- average I'd say -- with a 3" flaccid and a 6" erect state before the procedure. Now I sport a 5-6 inch flaccid state and a 71/2 - 8 inch erect state (depending on the excitement level). I couldn't be happier. My present fiancee and past girlfriends have never suspected anything! The procedure has done wonders for me, both in confidence and sexually. I get comments from women and men (having been in the military and subject to public showers), and they all tell me that they think I have a VERY LARGE PENIS. I have never felt so good about myself and actually am not shy about my body anymore. I don't know how to put my gratitude into words! Thank you Dr. Rosenthal for giving me a great life.

Procedure: Combined penile curvature correction, lengthening, widening
Patient: JB

I am just writing to tell you that everything has healed up fine. I am very satisfied with the outcome: the curvature is almost completely gone (practically invisible) which is amazing given the fact that it was quite severe – I couldn’t believe it!
The gain in girth is substantial. The length is about the same which is good given the required curvature correction… I really can’t thank you enough! What you did surely was amazing- not only what it did physically in terms of what my penis now looks like but also what it did to my self-confidence, etc. Hopefully we will someday meet again to thank you in person.

Procedure: Penile lengthening
Patient: GG

Hi Dr. Rosenthal… You performed a phalloplasty on me about a year and a half ago. First let me tell you that so far I am THRILLED with the results. I am still stretching and going on to my second year… in this time … I have gained a full 1.75 – 2 inches in my erect state. That is going from 5.5 – 5.75 inches to 7.5 full inches… Thank you for doing a great job on the surgery and the great treatment that I received from you during my stay in California.

Procedure: Penis Lengthening & Widening
Patient: SD

I am so very pleased with Dr. Rosenthal, Cleo and your entire staff of top professionals! Wow! -  the entire experience went much smoother than I could have possible hoped for. Dr. Rosenthal – your skill is phenomenal – and your manner is so instrumental in establishing a level of confidence in the mind of the patient, that you should teach etiquette courses to other physicians… Regards to all and THANK EACH ONE OF YOU FOR BEING SO AMAZINGLY SKILLED AND PROFESSIONAL.


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